贵阳龙宇广场规划设计A Planning and Construction Design of LongYu

——激活城市风貌之载体The activation of urban style and features

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    由 BlueTeam 设计,龙宇城市广场是一个位于贵阳观山湖商业区核心的综合发展项目。项目包括空中文化娱乐广场、商业零售、公寓、办公及精品酒店。


    Designed by BlueTeam, LongYu Urban Commercial ParkProject is a dynamic complex that encompasses a sky cultural plaza, retails, apartments, offices and a boutique hotel in the GuanShanHu Central Business District, the heart of downtown Guiyang.


    ▽沿街透视图,Perspective along the street





    Positioned along one of the city’s major thoroughfares, this development is a compelling addition to the cityscape of Guiyang, and combines retail, transit-oriented and public realm design strategies.


    ▽ 基地现状,The status quo of site





    As a true Transit Oriented Development (TOD), the 371,818.5㎡scheme also establishes a new public transport interchange for Guiyang. Seamlessly connected above and below ground, Longyu Central will be accessible via China’s metro system and bus network and is linked by overhead footbridges to the district’s neighbouring developments. The design enables the development to function as a multi-dimensional gathering space with convenient accessibility above, below and at ground level.


    ▽ 形体生成,the generation of volume



    ▽ 功能形式,Functional form




    Regarding the demands in creating a substantial city skyline, respecting the local environmental and cultural context, and fully making use of the land resource, we put forward a sustainable design scheme that takes the whole system into consideration on the basis of guaranteeing the general project quality. Our design showcases the commercial vitality of different industries and fulfills the demands of different clients to the maximum degree.


    ▽ 总平面图,site plan




    A neutral colour palette of white and reconstituted stone creates a natural background for the The result is a distinctive 110,000m2 retail development which is designed around an open parkland environment. Forming the heart of the development, the landscape, with its varying levels and forms of greenery, has created a place to socialise, rest and relax; a ‘Place to breathe’ within the city centre. Much of the development has been placed underground to achieve this and preserve the ground level environment.


    ▽ 入口透视,The entry perspective





    A neutral colour palette of white and reconstituted stone creates a natural background for the mall, showcasing its tenants and their merchandise to maximum effect.


    ▽ 中庭鸟瞰图,The atrium bird 's-eye view





    The gardens, planted walkways and living walls create an undulating green space which integrates not only with the development itself but the surrounding streetscape. Ultimately, the design offers a soothing and re-balanced environment to the GuanShanHu district.


    ▽ 中庭透视,The atrium perspective




    The stepped architecture not only reveals the well known geographic beauty of GuiZhou which is also named ‘Mountain City’, but also interacts with the surroundings and rejuvenates the city landscape.


    ▽ 鸟瞰图,birdview




    Set in the heart of the Guiyang’s new Central Business District, Longyu Central has introduced a new typology to the burgeoning city; a ‘Stadium for retail’ which uniquely blends the low-rise above and below-ground retail development within a multi-level parkland.


    ▽ 鸟瞰图,birdview



    项目名称: 龙宇广场规划与建筑方案设计

    项目类型: 城市综合体
    项目规模: 371,818 M2
    项目位置 : 贵阳
    规划团队: BLUETEAM
    参与者: 庞博 程太祥 刘洪君  刘林祥  李唐涛

    建设进度: 在建


    Name of project: A Planning and Construction Design of LongYu Urban Commercial Park
    Type: Urban Context
    Size: 371,818 M2
    Location : GUIYANG
    Planning Leader: BLUETEAM
    Status: Under Construction


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    Project Label/项目标签


    Design/设计: BlueTeam

    Location/位置:贵州 GUIZHOU 

    Type/类型:城市综合体 Urban Context

    Label/标签 :典范 Model

    Status/ 建设进度:在建 Under  Construction


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